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Bespoke LHD car sourcing


Tel/WhatsApp: 07770 950010

Bespoke LHD car sourcing from Car Import Solutions

Bespoke LHD car sourcing

Car Import Solutions is a family business that supplies tax (VAT) free & tax paid left hand drive (LHD) cars.

With over 25 years car import experience, I have sourced and delivered 100's of left hand drive cars to expats, clients working or moving overseas, people with holiday homes and diplomats.

Not only do I sell LHD cars but I also provide a bespoke LHD car sourcing service which includes UK or Spanish delivery and registration. 

I also provide a competitive UK registration service if you have moved to the UK with your foreign plated car.

I hold a handful of UK & Spanish registered LHD cars in stock.

Car Import Solutions is conveniently located in Ilkley which is less than 6 miles from Leeds Bradford airport.

See my  full range of left hand drive cars available today.

Please see my Car Sourcing section or call me: 07770 950010 or email:   with your requirements.

Here is the latest arrival:

UK plates. Delivery mileage. Available tax (VAT) free for export.


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