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Bespoke LHD car sourcing


Tel/WhatsApp: 07770 950010

Bespoke LHD car sourcing from Car Import Solutions

Bespoke LHD car sourcing

Let me find your perfect LHD vehicle, with my LHD car sourcing service.

Please provide me with as much information as possible and I will put some options in front of you. I typically source new, pre-registered and used cars (up to 3 years old) for the simple reason that my idea, your idea and equally as important the supplying dealers interpretation of a new or nearly new car are all the same. If we are talking about an older car this is when interpretation and expectations vary, which is not good for anyone.

Most of my sourcing is done in Germany, I’ve been importing cars from Germany for over 20 years and as a result I have built up many contacts and preferred dealers. The reason I choose to source from Germany is the vast choice, the German buying taste is similar to ours as they tend to opt for more spec heavy cars as we do in the UK.

If you are unsure about what you want and have just starting your search, you may want to do a little homework before you call or email me, a good place to start is to look at the two main German cars for sale websites - Autotrader equivalents. These sites are and although these are both German sites, there are also listings from across Europe, this will give you an idea of European pricing.

How the simple process works:

1. The supplying dealer provides you with a sales agreement (hopefully with a discount).

2. You make payment directly to the supplying dealer.

3. Your car is transported to the UK - POA.

4. Your car is UK registered and plated.

My fee for this transparent service is £900 plus transport and DVLA / VCA fees.

Please note - The German dealer will supply you your car without German 19% VAT, known as ‘netto’. However, they will take payment of the VAT as a ‘deposit’ which is refunded once UK VAT has been paid.

I also provide a sourcing and competitive transport service from Germany or Belgium to Spain - Please call or email me for a quotation.