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Proposed changes to Spanish registration taxes

Proposed changes to Spanish registration taxes

Apr 16, 2020

With a ban on the sale of fossil fuel powered cars by 2040, the Spanish government plans to financially discourage you from buying anything other than electric cars which are exempt from taxes.

The are plans to change the four existing gCO2/km emission bands.

Presently, cars that emit less than 120g CO2/km are exempt from registration tax, but the plan is to change this.

So, apart from electric cars everyone will have to pay taxes.

The three other CO2 emission bands are set to change too - please see below.

Sadly, I have not been able to find out when the reforms are to take place but I will keep you posted!

Registration taxes now:The proposed new rates:
0-120g CO2/Km:  Exempt  0g CO2/km:  Exempt
1-49g CO2/Km : 2.75%
50-80g CO2/Km: 4.75%
81-120g CO2/Km: 7%
120-160g CO2/Km : 4.75% 121-140 g CO2/Km: 9%
141-160g CO2/Km: 11%
161-200g CO2/Km: 9.75% 161-170g CO2/Km: 12%
171-190g CO2/Km: 13%
191- 200g CO2/Km: 14%

More than 200g CO2/Km : 14.75% 

More than 200g CO2/Km: 15%