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Import Taxes

Generally speaking, when you bring a car into the UK, there are taxes payable to HMRC.

Please remember, post Brexit this applies to cars coming from the EU.

You must advise HMRC of your car's arrival in the UK within 2 weeks of deciding to stay in the UK, Ukrainian refugees have 6 months to do this.

This involves in getting a HMRC NOVA (notification of vehicle arrival) number. This is something we are able to do for you. 

We are able to make your customs declaration as your car arrives in the UK or a delayed declaration if it has been in the UK for some time.

The taxes depend on where in the world your car has come from.

Taxes are calculated on invoice (dated within 3 months) or we are happy to provide a HMRC vehicle valuation.

Cars from the EU are subject to UK VAT at 20%. Vehicles that have come from outside the EU are subject to both duty at 10% then VAT at 20%. However, if the car was built in the EU the duty is reduced to a flat £50.

Classic cars (over 30 years old) are subject to 5% VAT and no duty.

Persons changing their residency to the UK are eligible to ToR (Transfer of Residency) relief if they can demonstrate that they have lived outside of the UK for 12 months or more and have owned the vehicle in their former country of residency for 6 months or more. 

If you are returning with a car to the UK within 3 years with a car that you exported, known as a re-patriation (formerly UK registered), you are exempt from paying duty and VAT.

There are also tax reliefs available to military and diplomatic personnel.