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Bespoke LHD car sourcing


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Registration and delivery of LHD left hand drive cars to Europe

My services


Cars supplied with UK registration:

Most of my clients want their new car on UK plates, for a host of different reasons:

1. UK based but commuting to Europe.

2. Moving to another country and want to take advantage of the change of tax residency incentives offered in that country.

3. Don't yet have an overseas address.

4. Prefer or have only driven LHD cars.

I supply cars either tax (VAT) paid or tax (VAT) free on the personal export scheme (PES) or indirect export - please call or email me to discuss.

The UK registration process involves 2 organisations, one after the other , these are VCA and DVLA. I will work as quick as possible to register your new car but as we are dealing with bureaucracy, please be patient as both organisation can take up to 10 days.

In addition to my £900 (£750 plus VAT) fee, there are additional costs, these are: VCA compliance certificate at £100, DVLA 1st registration fee at £55 and the first year’s VED (road tax).


UK Registration of your own car:

This service includes HMRC compliance, VCA compliance, DVLA application and number plates.

Vehicles sub 10 years old - £600 (£500 plus VAT)

Vehicles over 10 years old - £300 (£250 plus VAT)

Repatriations (formerly UK registered) - £300  (£250 plus VAT)

This is in addition to VCA, DVLA and VOSA fees. Please call / Whatsapp or email me for a quotation.


Cars supplied on UK export plates (new cars only):

These plates look just like standard UK plates but have an ‘X’ as the first letter. They have a 6 month duration to enable you to remove the car out of the UK

DVLA charge a 1st registration fee of £55 but there is no VED payable.


Cars supplied on Spanish temporary plates:

If you prefer to drive your purchase down to Spain, I will supply your car tax free on Spanish temporary green plates, these are valid for 60 days which is plenty of time to make your trip.


Cars supplied with Spanish registration:

I provide a sourcing and competitive transport service from Germany or Belgium to Spain.

I use companies based in San Javier and Malaga to complete my registrations and professional hand overs.

Please call / Whatsapp or email me for a quotation.

To complete the process, we will need a copy of your passport, NIE certificate / TIE card and a proof of address such as your Epadron.

Spanish VAT (IVA) is 21%, so if your car has been supplied tax free this is payable.

As with most of Europe the registration (matriculation) taxes payable are based on C02 emissions. Cars that have emissions below 120g C02/km are exempt. Above this figure there are three additional bands, please call me to discuss.

The other tax payable is a local tax (SUMA) payable to your local town hall annually (this varies from area to area).


European transportation:

I provide competitively priced European transportion which includes customs clearance - POA.


Part exchange your car:

I am happy to give you a part exchange value on most cars, I may not be purchasing your car myself but you will have a value on your car to move forward with your new purchase.


Portugese & French registration:

I do not personally register cars in Portugal or France, but I am happy to recommend someone who does.